La Plata Healthcare Improvement Coalition

Community Benefit Work Group Survey

Community assessments conducted by Mercy Hospital, Southwest Opioid Response District (SWORD) and San Juan Basin Public Health have identified and reported on overlapping needs and gaps. Mercy Hospital’s Community Health Implementation Strategy, adopted in November of 2022, outlines their approach to addressing these issues. SWORD’s report includes recommendations and their coalition is engaged in discussion to develop an action plan. San Juan Basin Public Health is in the preliminary stage of developing their priorities and implementation strategy.

The aim of the Community Benefit work group is to strengthen collaboration among local healthcare providers in order to clarify, prioritize, and act upon community benefit needs.

Please review the following overview of the three assessments and then answer the questions below. Your responses will form the basis for discussion at next week’s Community Benefit Work Group meeting on Thursday, 10/12 at 10am.

If possible, please complete this brief questionnaire by 4:00pm on Wednesday, 10/11.

Mercy Hospital Community Needs & Strategy

Access to Care: Mental Health

Strategy or Program

  • Regional Stigma Reduction Campaigns

Planned Collaborators

Community-based Organizations and specifically those that are trusted within targeted populations, Public Health, Faith-based Organizations, Community Mental Health Centers, Colorado Health Institute/Metro Denver Partnership for Health, Other Behavioral Health providers, Centura Public Relations and Marketing, and DE&I supporting organizations.

Planned Resources

Community Health Team will provide program management support in coordination with community partners and Mission and Ministry Funds.

Strategy or Program

  • Centura/School Behavioral Health workforce partnership program

Planned Resources

Behavioral Health Initiatives team will be providing project management leadership in partnership with human resources, community partners, consultants with financial support from philanthropic funding.

Planned Collaborators

School Leaders, youth leaders, regional community and technical colleges, expert consultants, employer partners, etc.

Risk Behaviors: Substance Use

Strategy or Program

  • Opioid addiction intervention and prevention outcomes initiative.
  • Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT).

Planned Resources

Behavioral Health initiative team member will provide project management support. Power BI Dashboard for tracking measure progress. Engagement with EDCVT and Trauma CVT to advance on the identified problem statement and collaborate with community and internal stakeholders to create solutions.

Planned Collaborators

ED Physician leadership, Pharmacy, Trauma, Hospital Transformation Program Quality Leaders, IT leadership groups, Behavioral Health Initiatives leadership team, CVT leadership teams, and regional MOUD providers.

Disease & Injury: Suicides

Strategy or Program

  • Zero Suicide Training
and Best Practice Implementation
  • School Mental Health Community of Practice
  • School Mental Health Community of Practice Consultation

Planned Resources

None defined

Planned Collaborators

None defined

Community Capacity Building: Food Security

Strategy or Program

  • Outreach, education, and de-stigmatization
  • Screening and referral
  • Benefits acceptance
  • Food as Medicine
  • Local food distribution support

Planned Resources
The hospital will provide a community health worker model, grants, outreach communications, and program management support for these initiatives.

Planned Collaborators
The hospital will partner with the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, Nourish Colorado, Hunger Free Colorado, UnitedWay 211 Colorado, and local community-based organizations to deliver this food security strategy. In addition, partners funded by the Centura Health Equity and Advancement Fund will collaborate with the hospital to ensure that community members have timely access to services and programs that promote food security.

Health Equity

Centura Health has prioritized Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our system of care and recognize that health equity also needs to be addressed in our communities. We will integrate equity into every strategy used to address our community health priorities.

Strategy or Program

Planned Resources:

Planned Collaborators:

Southwest Opioid Response District (SWORD)

Identified Needs & Gaps

  • Withdrawal management
  • Crisis stabilization facility
  • Medication assisted treatment is an unmet need
  • Housing support as a community/recovery support service
  • Workforce availability


  • Start with the Mercy ER and their capacity for bumpout
  • Map the SUD prevention, treatment and recovery ecosystem
  • Establish care compacts where needed and possible first and add them as the build out at DeNier happens

Care compacts are bi-directional agreements that aim to enhance communication between providers and patients through shared preferences and expectations regarding referrals.

Care compacts facilitate effective care management and coordination across the continuum to provide patient centered care. This will create a seamless, no-fail system in which people in the region with SUD/OUD receive coordinated, well-managed care through a networked system of providers in various sectors who can address their substance use, mental health, physical health, social and safety needs.

Care compacts between providers will serve to increase access to the right services, individuals will have less contact with systems that are not designed as treatment settings.

  • Work across counties in the region to develop funding strategy/ campaign
  • Build out DeNier in a phased approach

SJBHD Community Health Assessment

Highest Concerns by Ranked Score

  • Affordable Housing
  • Substance Use
  • Access to Mental Health Services
Not urgentNot very urgentUrgentVery urgentExtremely urgent
Access to mental health services
Substance use
Food security
Affordable housing
Workforce availability

Strengthen Collaboration...

For each of the following identified needs or gaps, please list any organizations or initiatives you are aware of that are currently working on these areas. What suggestions, if any, do you have for strengthening collaboration among the participating groups and/or individuals?
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