La Plata Healthcare Improvement Coalition

Key Informant Interview Questions

Hi my name is ____. I’m interviewing you on behalf of the La Plata Healthcare Improvement Coalition. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. The purpose of this interview is to discuss the Community Care Hub model with you and understand your perspectives, interests and concerns. We are having these conversations with many organizations in our community and a summary of our findings will be reported to the LPHIC workgroups for their review and recommended next steps, if any. The responses you share today will be aggregated across all organizations and will not be associated with your individual organization. We will also be recording this discussion for data analysis and internal purposes only.

Do you have any questions for me before we begin?

First off, please tell me what challenges, if any, do you see with your La Plata County clients or patients getting the support and follow-up they need for their healthcare and social needs?

How satisfied are you with the level of care coordination between your organization and other health or social service organizations in La Plata County? (Further probe option: What is working well and what areas do you think need improvement?)

In the survey, you indicated… [see survey question re: satisfaction with their current referral system]. Please expand on what, if any, aspects of your current referral system or processes could be improved upon?

Community Care Hubs that we’ve reviewed from around the country typically provide a Web-based software platform for organizations to all use to manage the referral process. Features of these platforms often include providing screening tools, directories of service providers, client or patient consent, secure email messaging, automated email reminders, integrations with existing EHR or other software systems, and tracking and reporting. What concerns, if any, might you have with adopting a new Web-based software system and workflow for managing your client referrals?

Community Care Hubs often conduct short monthly online or in-person meetings with the various participating navigators or community health workers in their network to learn more about each other, discuss issues, brainstorm solutions, get additional training, etc. What are your thoughts on being part of a similar network in La Plata County?

How would you describe your organization’s capacity to scale should a local Community Care Hub increase the number of referrals you receive monthly?

If a Community Care Hub existed in La Plata County, what would your preference be for the “backbone” organization that runs it – an existing organization or a new one? If an existing organization, who?

How would you envision a Community Care Hub in La Plata County being sustainably funded?

What sort of governance or advisory board do you think would be necessary to launch and manage a Community Care Hub in La Plata County?

What questions would you need answered in order to consider participating in a Community Care Hub?

Any other comments, questions or concerns you’d like to share about a Community Care Hub for La Plata County?